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Art is a life long pursuit. To pursue beauty one has to travel the road of Truth with understanding and Love in character. When Truth is rejected, love is distorted, and beauty substituted. Much pain throughout history are caused by deception and rejection. The deceived perpetuates deception, the rejected reacts with rejection. Truth breaks the power of deception; love breaks the power of rejection. Beauty invites, beauty heals, beauty satisfies.


Everything becomes beautiful when we are in love. Beauty is a heart attitude matured from goodness. Abiding by truth, goodness emerges. Exercising goodness, beauty manifests. I seek grace to proclaim truth, promote love and pursue beauty.


Oriental water color paints with bamboo brushes on rice paper. It simplifies the painting into disciplined brush strokes and graceful designs. It reflects time-honored principles in Chinese philosophy and culture to simplify and prioritize. Learning this art form motivates the students to observe critically, practice purposefully, express deliberately, explore creatively, compose artistically.


The joy of brush painting is in the discovery of the unseen realm within us. The documented evidence of what images we have taken in, what understandings we have formed, what skills we have aquired, and what emotions have been stirred in convincing strokes accompanies by unsured scribbles, often pose more questions and demand further explanations. This quest urges our minds to recall , our hands to venture, our imagination to soar. When we paint we recall and relive a conscious or subconscious experience in impressionisticly, then we are rewarded with the 2nd appearance of the familier. Our understandings become ochastration of forms in rhythm.


I am affiliated with Young Audiences of Woodruff Art Center and Cobb County Artist in School program in offering Chinese Brush Painting workshops and demonstrations. I also teach After School Enrichment Programs and at various Art Centers.


My purpose in teaching and sharing art is to invite others:


To see with fresh eyes

To marvel with wonder

To reflect with honesty

To know with certainty

To trust with confidence

To create with courage

To delight with passion

To share with joy

To praise with gratitude

To worship with freedom


I was born in an artist family in Taiwan. My father was an artist specialized in oil portrait and a professor of fine art. I studied Chinese brush painting under my middle school art teacher Ms. Lin Yun Qi in Taiwan until I moved to New York at age 15. This had since become my favorite hobby and secondary occupation during my school, technical career and raising a family periods.


I graduated from the Engineering College of State University of New York at Buffalo. Before I interrupted my career with my husband’s 2-year foreign assignment and the raising of my family, I worked as an engineer and system analyst for Petro-Canada, Boeing, and Rosenblatt and Son’s consulting firm.


While raising my four children and home educating them, I taught Chinese Brush Painting in a local art center. Presently I teach at various art center and schools.


My works have been exhibited at Gallery V in Roswell, Atlanta Artist Club, Roswell Fine Arts Alliance, Glimpses of His Glory Gallery at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Grace Gallery at Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church and Roswell Presbyterian Church as well as in the exhibitions listed below. I was very honored to be granted the 2010 Cobb County Ovation award in visual art.



Sacred Tapestry, Solo Exhibition. Nov. 10 - February 2011.

The Walker School Art Gallery, Featured Artist of the year. March 16 2010 – May 13, 2010

East Cobb Senior Center, Holiday Solo Show. Nov. 20, 2009 - Jan. 15, 2010The Art Place Gallery, Holiday Show Nov. 2009 – Dec 2009

Callaway Gardens Discovery Center Solo Exhibition: Sep. 12, 2009 -Nov. 1, 2009

Kennesaw State University Confucius Center, Solo Exhibition: Aug 18, 2009 - Sep. 10, 2009

The Art Station, “The Silk Road”, Four Artists Show: July 2, 2009 - July 24, 2009

Glimpses of His Glory Gallery, Solo Exhibition: Nov. 2, 2008 - Dec. 7, 2008

Central United Congregational Church, Solo Exhibition. Nov. 2005

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