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I have been drawing since I can remember. A little more about me:


-Studied art at Georgia Southern

-Art teacher for 2 years

-Learned most about great art while working at DeVant Crissey Studios as a restoration artist

-Favorite paintings while doing restoration...N.C. Wyeth originals, and dozens of Coca Cola paintings, especially those by Haddon Sundblom

-I now work mostly in watercolor and colored pencil, but I am also working in acrylic,graphite pencil, and pastel

-My smallest watercolors are used on note cards

-The cards have many different designs...including flowers,shells,landscapes, and seascapes.

-Now working on pencil portraits

-Greatly enjoy doing paintings for the JFBC gallery.


I married Tony in 1994, and we now have two daughters, Holly and Jenny.

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