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1 John 3:1

The Word “Love” is certainly loaded with all sorts of context and connotation.  We love our children.  We love our Spouse.  We love the Lord. But we also love pizza.  In today’s culture, love can be pretty widespread.  It wasn’t always so, in fact, there were many different words for love used in the bible.  


“Phileo” love was one of brotherly affection (think Philly and the City of brotherly love), while “Storge” (pronounced Stor-Gey) is more of an abiding love or affection for someone.  The ultimate love is “agape” which is what describes God’s incredible self-giving love for us.  It is a perfect love.  Though our artists have explored all different loves and passions in this exhibit we hope you experience the agape love of God through Jesus!

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