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Art has always been a HUGE part of my life! Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a “real” artist. I would paint, create and admire art all around. I desperately wanted to go to art school, wherever that was, to pursue that dream. Well, I never did go; it was not encouraged; it was not “practical”, and quite frankly, I had lost all confidence in my abilities. Years passed, I became a teacher, got married, had children and moved around the east coast of the country until settling here. The dream returned, but again… I didn’t go to art school.


Well, God told me that does not matter! He told me He would be my hands and my inspiration; after all, He IS the creator, and that one day, He would see to it that I would call myself an artist!This art show [Brokenness Juried Exhibit] has allowed me to do JUST THAT! I want to thank my husband of 19 years, Tom, for his love and support! I would also like to thank my two BEAUTIFUL children… Luke, 15, and Olivia, 12, for all of their love, advice and especially their cheerleading! I also thank my beautiful mother, Gloria, who is a painter herself, for inspiring me when I was younger! I don’t think she realizes the impact she had on me!


Finally, I would like to thank JFBC for realizing the importance of Art as a form of worship and for showcasing that through this beautiful show [Brokenness Juried Exhibit] and gallery!

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