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Tain Kell is a photographer and painter raised in Marietta, Georgia. "I love and appreciate the beauty of the world around us. Capturing that beauty and freezing it in time is the secret to the art I love to create." Tain's photographs and paintings deal with the everyday world, emphasizing the unique qualities of the mundane objects and scenes the eye often overlooks.


"God created the world and everything in it. Our appreciation of that world is a measure of our appreciation of God Himself. I hope to convey some small part of the beauty of that world through created art."


Tain's interest in art began as a child, and he got his first camera at the age of fourteen. Since that time, he has developed a collection of photographs and paintings, often donating them to charitable organizations and causes. He has shown works at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, Metro Montage, the Marietta Art and Design Show House and Glimpses of His Glory Gallery.


In his spare time, Tain is also a Superior Court judge.

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