1. ) First read this info on the theme:

Everyone has been through the unprecedented experience of 2020 and the global pandemic.  We don't necessarily need this exhibit to be related to Covid-19 (though it may), but want you (the artist) to examine an experience that you have had of significance or one that has impacted humankind.  This could be a person, a place, or something of significance.  It could be an abstract piece emoting the experience you are communicating.  Our experiences shapes our lives and we want to look into yours.  


2.) Submit your entry fee ($15), entry form, and upload pictures of your entries (up to three works) online here.  


3.)  You will receive an email with confirmation of your entry.  And selected works will be notified around October 27th, 2020 along with instructions on delivering pieces to our gallery by October 30th.


4.) Awards will be given for BEST OF SHOW ($250), 2nd PLACE ($150), 3rd PLACE ($100), and HONORABLE MENTION ($50), along with several other prizes (Gift cards, art supplies, etc.) at our Virtual Awards Gala on November 13th, 2020 at 7pm hosted here on our website (also posted on YouTube and Facebook.)  We will also have a fully 3D Virtual walkthrough of the gallery available Nov. 13 - Dec. 31! 


5.) Tell all your friends and family to support you and host a watch party of our online gala awards presentation! Download social media graphics to tell people about this exhibit here: 

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-Donna Krueger  – (website) Owner and director of DK Gallery in the historic Marietta square, Donna is a staple to the Atlanta arts community and actively organizes events for artists and patrons through her gallery and beyond. 


-Liz Barber Leventhal - (website) Liz is an award winning artists with her works featured in numerous publications (Southern Living, Atlanta Magazine, & more) and in places like The Beverly Hills Hotel.  She is represented in galleries all across the country and brings all her expertise and passion to our judging process. 


Have a question? Email Bailey Hensley bailey.hensley@jfbc.org 

– Or call us at: (770)-795-3224 M-F 9am-5pm.










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